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The Cape-Verdean Association of Brockton, Inc., is a  non-profit
organization who receives funding from different sources to provide services
to the Cape Verdean Community.
Programs that are offered are:

1).  Department of Social Services (DSS): The association provides in home services 
      to Cape Verdeans who are involved in the DSS system;
2).  Brockton Alliance for Youth (BAY): The goal of this program is to provide youth 
      services to Cape Verdean youth in three areas which are:  Soccer, Dance and Karate;
3).  MassCall of the Boys and Girls Club: This program is run in three 13 week sessions. 
      The goal is to educate youth about the dangers of substance abuse as well as prevention;
4).  Senior Program: due to the fact that the funding we receive is limited at this time we 
      are only able to provide assistance to our seniors through welfare, SSI, Mass
      health, and Home visits;
5).  Breast & Cervical Cancer Initiative (BCCI): The goal of this program is to recruit about 60
      women a year who have no insurance and are over the age of forty. This program
      provides outreach to these women and arranges for mammograms, pap smears, early
      detection of cancer and treatment. All women are provided services at Brockton Hospital;
6).  Education: The association provides ESL, GED, and Citizenship classes to members of the
      Cape Verdean community and others for a cost of $40.00 a year for registration;
7).  Peers Project: This program is connected with UMass of Boston and the goal is to educate 
      parents about their rights within the school system and how to advocate for their
      students.  This program also provides parents with workshops on various topics such as
      after school programs, MCAS, and many others.

Monthly meetings: First Sunday of each month.

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